The Sound of Wonder™

Hmmm is a magic sound.  It is the sound of wonder waking up, the sound a line makes when it bends into a question mark.

When we “hmmm…“, we create a space of inquiry, where what we don’t know is more important than what we do know.

As we step into the curious world of the unknown, every day becomes an adventure.  Imaginations run wild, creativity is unleashed, and inventions are born.


Adventures of a Curious Hmmmanity

400 million years ago, an extraordinary adventure began…

A courageous fish stepped out of the water and onto land.  It was the first creature ever to leave the ocean – and it was blazing a trail that would eventually lead to the development of all terrestrial life on our planet.

What would an equivalent leap of creativity look like for us today? Can we even imagine?

At Hmmm we believe that each of us – and collectively we as the human race – are standing at the edge of a future just as exciting as the one our friend stepped into 400 million years ago.

We believe there are Walking Fish among us today, curious explorers who stand at the edge of what’s known and ask, “What’s Possible?”  We call these extraordinary individuals Hmmmanitarians.

Hmmm is a Playground for Curious Minds™ , a place to share great questions and ideas, and a showcase for human ingenuity and creativity.

We’re glad you are here!  Please join us and stay tuned for more.


Hmmmanity - Community of Curious Minds

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Hmmm Podcasts

Coming soon – conversations with curious minds.  We are conducting our first round of interviews with Walking Fish, extraordinary individuals who are innovating, creating, and asking great questions.  Who should we talk to?  Are you a Walking Fish?  Let us know!  Email us at