The Word Hmmm…

It’s been said that the two most commonly used words on the planet are okay and coke, in that order.

But it seems the word Hmmm is not far behind. If you listen closely, you will notice this curious sound sneaks its way into nearly every conversation we have.

But is Hmmm even a word? The dictionary doesn’t have a definition for it – perhaps because it cannot be defined. If you pause to speculate about what it means, you’ll probably find yourself saying (you guessed it), Hmmm…

So what is this thing we say all the time that isn’t even a word?

Hmmm is a sort of magic sound, like a mantra for curiosity. It is the sound of wonder waking up, the sound a line makes when it bends into a question mark.

When we Hmmm, we open a space of inquiry, where what we don’t know is more important than what we do know.

As we step into the curious world of the unknown, every day becomes an adventure. Imaginations run wild, creativity is unleashed, and inventions are born.

Standing at the edge of wonder, we ask of Life, “What’s Possible?”




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