400 million years ago, an extraordinary adventure began…

A courageous fish stepped out of the ocean and onto land. He was the first creature ever to leave the water – and he was blazing a trail that would eventually lead to the development of all terrestrial life on our planet.

That’s right – every land-dwelling creature that has ever lived can thank this floppy little fellow for his pioneering spirit.

How did he do it? By learning to swim faster? By becoming a better fish?

No. Our friend’s first steps out of the water required something beyond the very nature of fish itself, a quantum leap of creativity into a vast new realm – where endless possibility and potential were waiting.

As he took his first steps onto land, what did he feel? Perhaps he was scared, or excited. His fellow fish probably thought he was crazy.  It is unlikely that he realized the vastness of the world he was stepping into.  But for sure, he was at the edge of an adventure unlike any fish had ever known.

What would an equivalent leap of creativity look like for us today? Can we even imagine?

At Hmmm.com we believe that individuals – and collectively we as the human race – are standing at the edge of a future just as exciting as the one our friend stepped into 400 million years ago.

Our mission at Hmmm.com is to awaken a sense of wonder; to encourage boldness and innovation; and to serve as a connecting point for the walking-fish of today as they step toward the world of the unknown and ask, “What’s Possible?”


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