(this section is under construction…)

Hmmm.com will serve as a forum for curious adventurers to ask great questions and explore the edge of what is known.

It will also serve as a showcase of extraordinary people at their creative best – moving us with their courage, doing things that challenge our limiting beliefs about ourselves and what it means to be human.

Questions and lines of inquiries will be pursued.  Hmmm-anitarians – people who stand at the edge of their respective area of expertise and ask “what’s possible?” – will identify topics they are curious about, and explore questions that are important to them.

HmmmTV will be a podcast for such dialogues, like this one I arranged between Hmmm-anitarians Deepak Chopra and Andrew Harvey.


And finally, Hmmm.com will celebrate inspiring ideas, encourage incubation of new creative projects, and invite experimenation from hmmm-anitarians around the world.

We are just getting started.  I hope you will be in touch and become a part of the evolution of hmmm.com.

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