Greetings, Curious Soul!

I am glad you are here.  But you may be wondering, what is all about?

Hmmm is the sound of wonder waking up.  When we hmmm, we open a space of curiosity.  It is in such spaces that all true innovation and creativity take place.

Hmmm-anitarians are people who stand at the edge of life and ask, “what’s possible?”  It is through the persistent inquiry and curious exploration of these extraordinary individuals that all great breakthroughs in science, the humanities – and frankly, the art of being human – take place.

At we believe that certain human beings are always standing at the edge of what is known, asking questions that no one else is asking, and that these people – and collectively we as a human race – are at the edge of some very exciting breakthroughs and discoveries. is being created as a place where the Hmmm-anitarians of today can ask great questions, collaborate, challenge, and inspire one another with exciting ideas.

Are you a curious explorer?  I hope you will join us.

Respectfully yours,


David Reed, Curiosity Curator

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